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Click this disc to hear the track "Broken"

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Bleached is a band that as many, was formed from the Ashes of various other bands, Wayne Clarke (Lead vocalist and guitars) contacted Steve Saunders (Bass guitar and b/vocals) early 2000. Soon after came a call from Vic Finch (Drummer) and "Bleached" was formed. The band is basically from Kent in the South East of the UK.

The bands music has a very unique style that crosses many boundaries in the rock genre which has confused the Industry somewhat, in as far as they Industry does not know how to categorise the band. It has been said in one or two reviews that "the band has a style yet unseen and unheard of", this is a good thing, a band with originality, something not often seen these days !!!. The influences vary widely ranging from Black Sabbath and Metallica, to Limp Bizkit, Feeder, Alkaline trio etc, right through to Therapy, Soundgarden and Nirvana, quite a mix.

Since the band started it has gone from strength to strength. Many of the biggest companies in the World of music business, such as "Clear Channel Entertainment, Helter Skelter Booking Agency, ITB Booking Agency and many more have shown serious interest and are working with the band. Last year a company called "Chilli Media" who make programmes for the "Extreme Sports" channels awhich are aired all over the world have contracted 13 tracks from the band to use on their programmes, some of which have already been shown. Also in early 2002 the band had achieved the rather difficult goal of securing airplay for their track called "Broken" which you can select and hear on this page. This track was played on over 40 radio rock programmes all over the USA including on some of the national network shows on Clear Channel and CBS to name a couple.

The band have also have some of the best international management companies and producers working with them to help elevate the band to major succes, people such as Mr "Mark Daghorn" producer of One Minute Silence, Cradle of Filth, Marillion among others..The band have a track being released through "Chromium Records" on the 22nd of December 2003 which can be purchased in HMV Mnschester, and London, or by going to the "Chromium Records " website by clicking on the "Chromium Records Logo" at the bottom of this page. The band have now been signed up by a major American Booking/Promotion Company which means that the band should be touring soon, all being well.

News and Updates

December 10th 2003. The band are currently signed up with an international booking Agency in the USA and have already been informed that the band will be touring from early next year with some major acts. Once all info, contracts etc etc, have been secured, released all the info will be posted on this page regarding tour dates, what bands BLEACHED will be touring with and all other relevant info such as ticket booking details and so forth.


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Gig Guide



Fri  02nd The Britannia Inn  Margate. Kent.

Sat 03rd  Mill Inn. Deal. Kent

Sat  10th  Louie Armstrong  Dover. Kent

Thu  22nd  The Walnut Tree   East Farleigh. Maidstone. Kent

Sat  24th  Bradstow Mill  Broadstairs.Kent

Fri  30th  The Apple Tree. Crawley. Sussex.

Sat  31st.  Racing Greyhound. Ramsgate. Kent


Thurs 05th  Showcase. Chromium Rec.

The View. Bellmonte Rd. Frodsham. Cheshire. On stage 9.45 pm. (15 minute prsentation set to the Industry.

Sat 07th  Red Lion. Ramsgate. Kent

Fri  20th East Kent Tavern. Whitstable. Kent  

Wed 25th. The Pleasure Unit. Bethnel Green Rd. Bethnel Green. London.


Sat. 06th. AMOC Bike Rally. Pilgrims Inn. Dorking. Surrey.

Sat 13th   Racing greyhound. Ramsgate. Kent  

Sun. 14th. The Roadhouse. Covent Garden. London.

Fri  19th  The Swan Inn. Crawley. Sussex.

Sat  20th. Bradstow Mill. Broadstairs. Kent


Sat  03rd The Britannia Inn. Margate. Kent.

Fri  09th Firs Club. Cheriton. Folkestone. Kent

Sat  10th  Chilham Castle Bike Rally. Chillham Castle. Nr Canterbury. Kent.

Sat 17th. Louie ArmstrongDover. Kent


Fri   04th Fleur de Lys. Sandwich. Kent.

Sat  05th  Bradstow Mill. Broadstairs. Kent

Sat  12th  Red Lion. Ramsgate. Kent


Sat  17th The Swan Inn.  Crawley. Sussex


Sat  07th  Bradstow Mill. Broadstairs. Kent


Sat  11th  The Britannia Inn.  Margate. Kent.

Fri  17th  Fleur de Lys. Sandwich. Kent.

Sat  25th Racing Greyhound. Ramsgate. Kent


Sat  09th Red Lion . Ramsgate. Kent

Sat  23rd Bradstow Mill. Broadstairs. Kent

Sat  30th Britannia Inn. Margate. Kent.


Sat  06th   Racing Greyhound. Ramsgate. Kent

Fri  12th Fleur de Lys. Sandwich. Kent.

Sat  13th  The Swan Inn. Crawley. Kent


Sat  11th  Bradstow Mill. Broadstairs. Kent


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BLEACHED.CD E.P. 2003. 5.00       

  BLEACHED. CD Album. "Liars Chains"   10.00












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